The Azure Bloods are the protagonist group in the series. An Azure Blood is a person belonging to this species. The leader of the Azure Bloods is Ace Fillmore, however Valerie Silenna is physically the strongest and Skye Alcotte has the strongest mental skills.

They appear human, however have incredible, unique skills. Each Azure Blood has a different 'party trick' skill. Also, they have blood which is just hovering above the temperature of freezing. All Azure Bloods have blue eyes, however many of them choose to wear contact lenses, either because they don't like their blue eyes or to stop suspicion when the group are all together, as they often are.

Azure Bloods pass tiny slivers of their blood onto humans by sliding their fingers down their inner arm. The blood injects into the human's skin and multiplies until the whole vein system is taken over by the cold blood. This process is very painful for some but not as painful for others. It purely depends on how much contact the human has had with Azure Bloods, or people that will become Azure Bloods in the future.

List of Azure Bloods (in 'rank' order)Edit

Ace Fillmore

Skye Alcotte

Valerie Silenna

Nathan Falcon

Lucian Chastel

Pablo Chastel

Luka Phoenix

Tee Wolfe