Bethan and Joey Alcotte-Wolfe are 12-year-old twins. Their parents are Skye Alcotte and Ace Fillmore however they lived with adoptive parents from when they were 2 weeks old until they were 12, when the adoptive parents were killed by Guinevere Copeland. Bethan and Joey then, after getting lost in the forest, found Skye who took the children under her wing.

Before Skye died, she gave the care of the two children to Tee, who promised she would look after them forever.


Bethan and Joey grew up with the surname 'Green', which they acquired from their adoptive parents. However, their surname is now Wolfe (Tee's surname).

However, the surname the twins were born with is in fact Fillmore, after their father Ace Fillmore.

Bethan's first name was chosen by Skye because she 'thought it was pretty'. Joey's first name was chosen by Ace because he was called Joseph when he was human. Bethan and Joey's previous middle names are unknown however Tee gave them new ones, completing the names to be Bethan Luka Wolfe and Joey Pablo Wolfe.


Bethan was originally going to be Alouette, then Amy.

Joey was going to be called Apollo.