Bouball 2


Bouball is a small live ball ( Ballman for short ) & is Callum's Mascot.


Ballmen are a special race of creatures that are small, flexible, and all have shades. But the most special Ballmen is Bouball. He is the savior of his world who is never too late to fight evil.


Fishing, Sausages, & his God Callum.

Not so FavouritesEdit

Ghosts, Evil & Spiders

Personal lifeEdit

He is very popular & easily makes friends. His best friends are Tomball, Gulliver Goo & his God Callum.

He has a Cousin called Blomp

He also is dating a girl called Ballette.

His mortal enemy is called Llabuob.

Message from BouballEdit

" Hi everyone reading this I'm Bouball & I wrote this message to say how thrilled I am to see A Battle of Blood. It sounds awesomely epic & I can't wait to see it."

Best Wishes,

Bouball :D