When casting, director and writer of A Battle Of Blood, Lilly Beards, thought of all her friends. They were people she knew she could trust to turn up for filming, learn the scripts, people she knew would be enthusiastic about the series. Lilly has written a short paragraph on why she cast each character for the part they got.

Skye, Ace and TeeEdit

"Late last year, I think it was, me, Lottie Bryan and James Bryan were in our local park, playing an imaginary adventure game (because we're just that cool). The game was similar to the plot A Battle Of Blood now has, with the same characters - Skye, Ace and Tee. I was playing Skye, Lottie was playing Tee and James was playing Ace. When I decided to script the series, it only seemed natural for us three to stay the same characters. I feel I can relate to Skye, and I think Lottie and James feel the same way about their characters."


"As soon as I created Valerie, I moulded her around Rebecca Nicholas. They seemed so alike - fiesty, creative and fun to be around. Valerie was based on Rebecca before I even cast her in the role."


"Nathan was much harder to cast. He's such an all-rounded character - very sweet and kind, but a strong fighter, and someone that can get a little too angry sometimes. In the end I decided on James Homan, because I could see all those qualities deep inside of him, through his cool and popular exterior."


"Jack Cocking seemed like exactly the right person to play Lucian - mature and even slightly wise, but fun and relatable. Me and Jack have been friends a long time - almost as long as I've known Lottie and James - and I think that's where the bond between Skye and Lucian comes from. They are close friends who can actually talk and listen to each other."


"Pablo and Cameron Blacklaws are practically the same person. I basically based Pablo solely on Cameron. So it's a good job he was up to playing the part!"